Thursday, September 29, 2005

Am I really that bad?

Yesterday my cubemate came into work and told me about a report he'd heard on the news. Apparently, a woman in our town was arrested for assulting an officer with a bucket of chicken. So, he asks "Did you have a little too much to drink last night?" *evil cubemate laugh*. I think that means we're friends.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weekend Update

OK ok so I haven't posted in forever, I was in meetings all week. Lots of new developments though. First, I got my raise, and it was bigger than I expected so I'm pretty happy with that. Secondly, I got a couple of relocation checks this week so I got new stuff for the apt. This Friday the movers came and brought all my crap...but that's a whole other story. The rest of the weekend I've been unpacking and sorting and putting stuff away. More to come...

Monday, September 19, 2005


Last night my dad came to town for work. So I drove downtown and picked him up to go out to dinner and see my place. I just got into my new apt. so I showed him the place. He really liked the neighborhood. It was nice to get to see him, I don't think I've seen him since Feb. or March.

The apt community I'm moving into has a 2.5 mile nature trail in it and Saturday I walked a little of it. HOLY SPIDERS! I saw HUGE spiders that looked like bumble bees with thick black legs. The webs were also huge, like a foot and a half diameter. The whole time I was on the trail I kept feeling like i was walking through cobwebs and gonna get spiders on me it was freaky. In addition, there is a huge daddy long legs living on the ceiling of my I'm pretty much not planning on going out there. EVER.

I heard that daddy long legs are have the most deadly venom but because their fangs are so far back they can't open their jaws wide enough to bite humans. And here they actually encourage people to leave the spiders in their home....eeewwwwwww.

Ok, so it's no secret I don't like bugs...or any sort of creepy crawlies. I once had a cricket in my old apt. in Texas, it was somewhere in my bathroom (in the drain of the tub I thought), and the chirps kept echoing and waking me up. So I did what any normal person and poured all my cleaning products down the drain of the tub, as to kill the bug. Then I shut the door to the bathroom and shoved towels under the crack, as to trap the bug in the bathroom so it wouldn't get me while I slept. Ok, you might think this a little extreme, but the crickets in Texas are HUGE. They're like an inch to two long, and fat, and black, and they're everywhere. Ok, well I could go on, but my skin is starting to crawl with the memories....ewwwww.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

LMents Happy Hour

Last night I was social. I went to the LMents "happy hour". LMents is pretty much a social club for new/young employees. It kinda sucked. They were having a networking night so there were a bunch of managers and planned icebreaker activities. OK, meeting new people - cool. Having to fill out a sheet with 5 things you have in common with 5 other people - dumb. And they were giving prizes...I'm pretty sure that not what the usual happy hours are like, but still, it was felt like work to be there.

I just want a happy hour where people are drinkin and laughing and joking around...not where I have to be on my best behavior so as to impress managers I'll never see again. What's happy about that?? I don't really see the need for a president, vp, secretary, etc' It's getting to be too much like a social or professional club. It seems like the kind of thing people are using to build their resume or something.

And the people were so seemed like they were all a couple years younger than me. The guys looked like they were in high school, blah. I think I might give it another shot on a non-networking night, but it's looking like I'm gonna have to find another social outlet. La La La...can you tell i haven't had my Starbucks yet?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Married in Kolkata

I'm getting my birth certificate to get a passport. In January I'll be heading to India for a wedding, not my own. I'm so excited to be travelling internationally for the first time, but a little nervous to be going alone.

So far what I know is that my friend Surya is getting married, some kind of "arranged" marriage to a woman named Priti. I have no idea what the celebration will be like but it lasts for 4-5 days. He told me that his wife's dowry for him was an elephant. Seriously, a real, live elephant. WTF is that???

It's going to be weird to go over because his family is so wealthy and I've never really been around that before...having servants to do everything for you. From what I've read, Kolkata is very divided in that way. They have rickshaws, like little carriages, with people that pull you.

AND they have a street named after I'll have to get my picture taken with the sign.

So, I've been trying to get the travel set up and it looks like I'll be connecting through Amsterdam...hmmmmm, only 4 hour layover though :(

office space

So, I can't really talk about my job, but there's nothing really to say anyway. I haven't been doing an work yet.

My mentor/trainer has been out this week and last so it's been pretty quiet. His name is "chief", retired military and about to retire from here. He has the cutest smile, like a little kid keeping a secret when they've done something they're not supposed to do, that kinda of describes his whole demeanor I guess.

I really like my manager, who is also from Iowa. He's very hands-on and knowledgeable about our software, systems, etc. Pretty much everyone I've met here is very likable and approachable.

The atmosphere of the office is really nice, professional - but more flexible than bldg. 300. One whole side of the building is glass so we get daylight :) and the cubes are huge! Another thing is the food is much better and more variety....hmmm what else.

Lots of guys my age, some girls too. There's a happy hour tonight for college hires so I'm gonna go check it out, but I expect it will be nerdy - the FW ones were. That's all I can think of to say about my job.

Monday, September 12, 2005


So, this weekend I think I found Atlanta's version of Chinatown...well it's more like Chinatown/Little Mexico. There an area on the northeast side where a couple miles of road are lined with mexican/korean/vietnamese/chinese restaurants and shops.

I went there this weekend in search of pho. It was very strange because NOTHING was in english...well, the street signs were in english, but other than that, nothing. Even more confusing, most of it was written in symbols, so I had a hard time telling what the shops were.

Eventually, I found a pho resturant, Pho Hoa, and went in for a bowl of pho and to read the Sunday paper. The waiter was surprised that I didn't order by's kinda fun being able to at least order in the language (the whole 6 words I know).

I have to say that Pho Nam beats this place hands down. The bowl of pho was smaller here with less noodles, but it came with more meat. Also the cafe sua da wasn't strong enough. I think I'm going to have to request for them to use more coffee, it was REALLY watery. It's a nice enough place to go on a Saturday afternoon to read the paper and eat. I'd like to be able to go shopping, but I'm pretty sure the clothes won't be long enough :(

New Apartment

I found an apartment...finally. I ended up going with the place I'd checked out online and kinda picked in the first place. Check out the community at

I went and looked at the actual apt. I'm moving into this weekend. The worst part is that it's tiny...and I mean tiny! I don't think I'm gonna be able to fit all of my furniture into the apartment, literally, I'm not sure if the mover's will be able to unload all of my stuff. Other than that it seems to be arranged and laid out pretty well so I hope it will work ok. I also noticed a rather large daddy long legs on the ceiling of my patio, so I probably won't be spending much time out there...with all the woods I'm hoping there won't be spiders inside!!

The best part about the complex is the location right next to work and the 75/285 will save me gas. It's also got a huge fitness center and nature trail, a little motivation can't hurt.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Driving to Atlanta was like traveling through a Nat'l Park...there were trees EVERYWHERE. All the interstates here are lined with trees, which though beautiful, makes it a little hard for this newcomer to find places.

The drive over here wasn't bad and I hit up a couple outlet malls on the way, but there were a couple things of interest. In Louisiana the river overpasses were lined with barbed wire, I don't know if that's to keep people out or to keep aligators and other swampy things in. I stayed over in Meridian Mississippi on Sat. night...that was scary.

I went to the Holiday Inn and when I got to my room, someone else was already in it. I open the door, the lights and tv were on and there was a bag on the bed...hmmm, needless to say I opted to go to another hotel, one where I wouldn't have to worry about strangers being given the key to my room. So I drove up the street to the Microtel (or something like that) and got the last room they had, which just happened to be a handicapped room. Lucky for me, they weren't going to charge me extra...apparently they have a policy of only ripping off handicapped people.

Ok, I'm not sure if it's common knowledge to handicapped people, but in that room, the air conditioning monitor was on the closet?? Also, I couldn't figure out how to turn the shower on, so I had to take a bath the next day.

Also in that hotel, a man arrived to get a room at the same time as me. He says to the lady he needs 3 beds because there are 3 guys and they don't want to sleep together. He also says to the lady that he doesn't want to pay for more than one room, and what are his options? (This is like a bad word problem from 6th grade math class)

This guy seriously argued with the desk lady for like 5 minutes and ended up getting a suite with a pull-out couch, and a roll-away bed. Apparently these guys aren't cool with a pillow divide? Overall, I'd advise against staying in Meridian or Mississippi in general.