Sunday, September 25, 2005

Weekend Update

OK ok so I haven't posted in forever, I was in meetings all week. Lots of new developments though. First, I got my raise, and it was bigger than I expected so I'm pretty happy with that. Secondly, I got a couple of relocation checks this week so I got new stuff for the apt. This Friday the movers came and brought all my crap...but that's a whole other story. The rest of the weekend I've been unpacking and sorting and putting stuff away. More to come...


At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Salem said...

dang, my raise sucked as usual! that's like 3 years in a row. at least you don't have to worry about money for a lil while.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Linz said...

ok, so when I said "bigger than expected" it was pretty much cause I was expecting like 1%...I might be able to make a couple car payments with this, but most likely I'll just up my 401K contributions :) I love that you used Salem. SALEM LIVES!!!


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