Saturday, October 22, 2005

Wow, I totally banked at the Doctor's

Yesterday I had my first Dr. appointment since moving and it was kinda cool. I was at the over for almost 2 hours and I walked away feeling like it was actually worth it. I had 4 prescriptions and 3 shot...all for about $20. Now, don't go thinking I'm really sick or dying or anything. I got all the shots and a malaria drug prescription for the trip, some sleeping medicine, prescription face stuff, and then a transferred prescription from my old Dr. Anyhow, I'd have to say it was overall, very productive...though today both my arms are kinda sore.

I also got my passport application in yesterday. So, probably not such a good idea to get my pic taken right after waking up. The first picture was so funny, my eyes were only half open...I looked like I'd been drugged :) The second time around I kept my eyes wide open, which was almost equally freaky lookin, but by then I was just ready to get outta there. So, I'm gonna look retarded in my passport, could be worse. Now all I have to get is my visa and I'm set.


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